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This website uses Cumulus (3.0.0-b3043) for weather conditions reporting.
It was last started 0 days 17 hours.

Total Packets received from ISS: 30369
Consecutive Packets Received from ISS: 1690
Total Packets missed from ISS: 129
Number of Packet CRC Errors: 59
Number of Resynchs: 1
ISS Battery: 1-ok 2-ok 3-ok 4-ok 5-ok 6-ok 7-ok 8-ok
Console Battery: 4.41
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Thu, 22-Mar-2018 3:17pm EDT
Cumulus realtime Current 0:00:02 Thu, 22-Mar-2018 3:17pm EDT
Cumulus FTP Current 0:02:06 Thu, 22-Mar-2018 3:15pm EDT
Cumulus weather data Current 0:02:08 Thu, 22-Mar-2018 3:15pm EDT
Cumulus NOAA report Current 15:17:03 Thu, 22-Mar-2018 12:00am EDT
Realtime Log Current 0:00:07 Thu, 22-Mar-2018 3:17pm EDT

NEXRAD Radar KCBW status: Active [last data 0:06:16 h:m:s ago] as of Thu, 22-Mar-2018 3:15pm EDT

NWS WSR-88D Transmit/Receive Status